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Umami of Noto food

Noto Peninsula protruding in the Sea of ​​Japan is a treasure trove of fresh seafood.Wakura Onsen has a natural port of Good Nanao Port, and has prospered as a port town for collecting Noto marine products since ancient times. In the meals of heartfelt seasonal taste Peculiar to Noto to Peculiar to Noto, such as melting sweet shrimp, tightly tight bristles, squid and crabs are lined up.It is also a pleasure to start offering a local sake of Kaga · Noto, with a supple taste stolen by the wild waves.
  • The sun, Kaiseki Meal

    A Kaiseki Meal dinner where you can enjoy Noto ingredients such as fresh fish landed from Noto fishing port and Noto Satoyama vegetables.
    We deliver seasonal seasonal ingredients such as octopus with seasonal seafood together with seasonal fresh fish sashimi, pot dishes and steamed rice with steamed rice in various dishes.
  • Enjoying Winter Delicacies Kaiseki Meal

    A Kaiseki Meal meal with a taste of winter such as yellowtail, sweet shrimp and Snow Crab.
    Please eat deliciously the taste of winter in Hokuriku, such as sweet shrimp and sashimi, fish cake a whole cup of boiled crab, and tongue shabu.
  • Haruka, Kaiseki Meal

    Kaiseki Meal cuisine with a Japanese beef steak of A4 rank in dishes with a focus on seafood of the season.
    Togetsuan's delicious beef steak with plenty of meat juice is also appreciated by local novice customers.
    Please eat deliciously Japanese beef steak with Passion chief Passion Togetsuan, who has been Togetsuan in not only fish but also meat.
  • Fully Enjoy Rosy Seabass Kaiseki Meal

    The trail is called "white toro" and its taste is excellent.
    Togetsuan, you can prepare a Kaiseki Meal dinner with two extravagant roosters.
    You can choose from "Shabu-shabu" at the first tail, "Salt-grilled" or "Boiled" at the second tail.
    Please eat popular luxury fish happily.
  • A Kaiseki Meal roar

    "Nodokuro" is called "white toro", high quality lipids and popular high quality fish characterized by melting character.
    In Nodoguro with a Kaiseki Meal, it will put chubby one fish the throat glow to your dinner.
    You can choose the cooking method of the grill from salt-baked · boiled · shabu-shabu.
  • Tsuki Kaiseki Meal, "Abalone Kaiseki Meal"

    "Tsuki Kaiseki Meal" with fresh live abalone on the cuisine of Mt Noto seafood.
    You can choose your favorite cooking method from boiled steamed abalone, dancing and sashimi cooking methods.
  • Shine, Kaiseki Meal

    It is a luxurious Kaiseki Meal cuisine where you can fully enjoy the ingredients of Noto, such as fresh-bodied abalone that has survived until just before offering to customers, A4 rank soft Japanese beef steak, and seafood caught in the Japan Sea.
  • madder(Akane)Kaiseki Meal, "Crab meat menu"

    A Kaiseki Meal dinner featuring plenty of Snow Crab from the king of winter taste.
    One cup of crab is a whole cup of boiled crab.
    The second cup is a crab sting and a Hosen Grilled.
    Hosen Grilled is an original dish of Togetsuan Board who baked the shell of a living crab with sake-made steamed rice.
    It is a Kaiseki Meal meal only for the period of crab ban.
  • Haru Kaiseki Meal

    "Haru Kaiseki Meal" where Haru Kaiseki Meal added seasonal shrimp to dishes using Noto's feature ingredients

    "Gas shrimp", which has fast legs and can be tasted only in Hokuriku, and a classic "sweet shrimp", are prepared at Yuri.
    The white shrimp called "jewels" and white body is beautiful, prepared with osaki and kakiage.

    Please eat the spring ingredients happily.
  • Restaurant "Mangetsu"

    【Romantic Mood of Taisho Period Drifting "Mangetsu"】
    It is used as a hall from the time of construction 100 years ago, from the window side you can see the Togetsu Bridge lighted by gas light, it is a dining venue full of spirit.
  • Restaurant "Kura"

    【Comfortable relaxing space "Kura"】
    The restaurant hall "Kura" has been converted from the old storehouse, is a Japanese modern setting, and it is a calm and warm space that will let you forget the noise of everyday life.