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Hotel Name

Romantic Inn of Taisyo Period Mood, Togetsuan


1 Tabu, Wakura Town, Nanao City

Telephone number



5 minutes by free shuttle bus from Wakura-Onsen Station.

Transfer available
Wakura-Onsen Station pick up service to Wakura-Onsen Station.Please let us know in advance if you know your arrival and departure time.
  • Access by car

    ·When arriving from the Kanazawa / Osaka area, we will arrive at the hotel in about 10 minutes after getting off at the "Nanao direction" at Wakura IC Noetsu Expressway"Tokuda-Otsu JCT" at Notosatoyamakaido and then at "Wakura IC".
    ·When coming from Nagoya · Tokyo direction, it takes about 20 minutes on the general road after getting off at Noetsu Expressway"Nanao Joyama IC".
    ·There is enough parking space, so reservation is unnecessary.
    ·If you get lost, please do not hesitate to call (0767) 62-1788.
  • Access by train

    ★About pickup★
    We have a free pick-up from Wakura-Onsen Station Togetsuan.It takes about 10 minutes from the hotel to Wakura-Onsen Station, so it is smooth if you can inform us of your expected arrival time in advance.
  • Airplane access

    ·Noto Airport to Wakura hot spring Noto Airport Furusato Taxi is operated.【One way one person 1,600 yen】
    ·Komatsu Airport, there is an airport limousine bus to JR Kanazawa Station.【One way one person ¥ 1,130】
    ·We have a free transfer from Wakura-Onsen Station to our inn.It is smooth if you can inform us of your expected arrival time in advance.

    【Noto Airport】Approximately 40 minutes by Furusato Taxi from Furusato Taxi Wakura.※Wakura Onsen Town can get off at Wakura Onsen Town, our neighborhood.
    【Komatsu Airport】From "Wakura-Onsen Station", it takes about 2 hours by limousine bus + limited express train.
    【Komatsu·Toyama Airport】It takes about 1 hour 40 minutes by car to "Wakura".
  • When using a car

    Access method 1: Tokyo
    Hokuriku Ezpressway[Oyabe Tonami JCT]→Noetsu Expressway[Nanao Joyama IC]→From the general road 20 minutes to the Wakura hot spring area via Nanao Joyama IC - Route 249 Route

    Access method 2: Osaka
    Hokuriku Expressway · Kanazawa Morimoto IC Notosatoyamakaido via Notosatoyamakaido · Noetsu Expressway - Noetsu Expressway[Wakura IC]~ 10 minutes by car from Wakura IC


    There is a blue sky parking lot that can be stopped by about 30 units.
    Guests staying can use it free of charge.