【Official】Wakura Onsen Togetsuan

This is Suzakaya's inn that keeps travelers healing

Togetsu An ( Former Shibahana Annex ) was in Taisho 4th year (1915 Togetsu An ( Former Shibahana Annex ) that Togetsu An ( Former Shibahana Annex ) was built.
It is known as the oldest, Sukiya-style building as a Ryokan in Wakura Onsen.

Togetsuan that leaves the appearance of Taisho at that time about 100 years ago.
Please leave yourself to the space of exquisite gaze that has brought a lot of merchandise, and enjoy the chic of the multi-storey factory.


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Taisho Roman Inn, Togetsuan


1 Tabu, Wakura Town, Nanao City

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5 minutes by free transfer bus from Wakura-Onsen Station.

Transfer available
Wakura-Onsen Station offer a pick-up service to Wakura-Onsen Station. Please let us know in advance if you know your arrival and departure time.
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  • Small baths of healing

    Wakura onsen's hot spring water is a very salty hot spring called a strong salt spring.
    Even though its efficacy is extremely rich by its injuries, it is also a little troubled.
    That it feels much hotter than the actual hot water temperature due to strong salinity.
    but it's okay! At first it is supposed to be pretty, but it is strange to enter! So that you can soak in and relax.
    Please enjoy the mysterious hot spring of Wakura hot spring many times.
    You can enjoy beautiful skin effect for women as well!

◇ Each inn in the Hosenkaku Group ◇

  • Hosenkaku

    Hosenkaku is a cooking ryokan relaxingly relaxing with the seasonal ingredients and hot water of the Noto Peninsula.
  • Yadomoriya Juen

    All the rooms have ocean view! Warmly Looking at the scenery of the calm sea, it is healed by a good quality hot spring and dinner is served with seafood of the Sea of ​​Japan and mountain of Noto!
  • Housyoutei

    Housyoutei is a calm hot spring inn with 23 rooms. It is a hot spring inn with a warm atmosphere bustling with customers with children and local regulars.

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