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    It was in the 4th year of Taisho when Togetsu An ( Former Shibahana Annex ) was built. (1915)
    Wakura was built by Kiichiro Kitamura of Wakura Town.
    In the Wakura Onsen with modern inn is lined, but is Togetsuan is really a small inn is located quietly near Togetsu Bridge, the oldest of the inn of Wakura, it has been known as a building of sukiya-zukuri .
    It is in the record that this famous poet and imperial family visited this building.

    From that time you passed through the gate, it will give you a feeling as if you were going back in time.
    A waveless sparkling glance outside the window also adds flowers to the traveling even more.
    Togetsuan Kaoru, we want you to relax and forget your busy days, so we make incense with a relaxing effect.
    When you take a deep breath by being gently wrapped in the fragrance of incense, it will be time for a strange and more relaxing time to flow out than usual.

    The fragrance of the lively era in which masterpieces competed, still drifts, and thick beams and fine workmans have remained reminiscent of the incoming calligraphy crowded with onsen medical guests.
    It is said that high-grade wood not available at present is widely used today, such as a rattan or Yakusugi Cedar, in the space between the wooden two-story rooms and the ceiling of the room, and the technology is currently difficult to reproduce.

    At the time of the renovation of Heisei (time period), I was trying to leave the air feeling inherited as much as possible from Taisho Period
    So it is not a structure like a modernized building.
    However, a little inconvenience is or newer that, for or nostalgic might goodness of Togetsuan

    There are retro cute decorations in the facility!

    Leave yourself to the space of exquisite gentleness that has given rise to numerous pieces, and enjoy the chic of the multi-storey shop called "Ishou no kenchiku".

  • Inside the garden there is also a monument of the ninth repeat known as the author of "Tokaidochu-hizakurige" so please take a look once.